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U.S. Representative Keith Ellison teams up with Isuroon to address Female Genital Mutilation:

Stereotype About Islam Debunked in Article by Ro Waseem

This article by Ro Waseem offers a great perspective on whether child marriage is permissible in Islamic religion. It’s an important contemporary issue in the international Muslim community.

Council of Islamic Ideology vs. Islam: Does the Qur‘an Permit Child
by Ro Waseem

Many people, including Muslims, believe that Islam permits child marriage. As a result of this misconception, Islam is dismissed by non-Muslims as a medieval, oppressive, and illogical religion while those Muslims who possess little knowledge of the Qur‘an defend and support child marriage as a tenet of their faith. By supporting practices inconsistent with Islam, Muslims invite the criticism of their religion that they seek to eradicate.

Muslims themselves are often the source of their struggle. Practically abandoning the pivotal commandment of ijtihad,  or independent reasoning, in Islam, they have adopted unprecedented and unwarranted trust in Islamic “authorities.” In my view, this is a source of more embarrassment than enlightenment for Muslims.

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