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The new Bridge to Benefits program at Isuroon is up and running! We have been busy making appointments with people to get screened and learn what services they may be eligible for. The Bridge to Benefits screening process is a short series of questions that determine if a person qualifies for health care, nutrition programs, child care assistance, tax credits, or energy assistance programs. Screening is quick, easy, free, and confidential! During Bridge to Benefits screening appointments, Isuroon staff and volunteers work one-on-one with clients to explain how these programs work, and connect clients with organizations that help them apply. Currently, 82% of eligible children are not enrolled in child care assistance, 70% of eligible households are not enrolled in energy assistance, and 22% of eligible Minnesota households do not claim tax credits. By enrolling eligible families in public assistance programs we will be putting money in the pockets of low-income families so they may begin to plan for a brighter future. This also puts more money in our local economy as these programs bring millions of federal dollars to local grocery stores, schools, health clinics, utility companies, and childcare providers. We are very excited about what this program can do for our community, and we encourage everyone who is interested to call and schedule an appointment today!

To schedule a free 30 minute screening, call the Isuroon office at 612-886-2731 and ask about the Bridge to Benefits program.

If you would like to screen yourself, visit

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