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Minneapolis, MN – Isuroon, an emerging Somali women-led nonprofit organization serving the Twin Cities and beyond, recently received two large federal grants from the U.S. Department on Health and Human Services. As a grant recipient of the Office on Women’s Health, Isuroon will partner with organizations across the United States to implement a series of female genital cutting (FGC) community-centered health care and prevention projects. FGC is the practice of partially or totally removing the external female genitalia for non-medical reasons, and can have lifelong physical and mental health consequences, including chronic infection, hemorrhage, severe pain, complications during childbirth, and increase risk of newborn deaths.

The grant received from the Office of Refugee Resettlement will enable Isuroon and its partnering agencies to lead an Ethnic Community Self-Help Project to stop FGC, empower Somali women and girls affected by FGC to seek appropriate health and community-based services, improve the health and well-being of Somali families, and create a base of refugee women leaders.

Additionally, the funding will help Isuroon train health care providers about addressing FGC in a culturally-sensitive manner and raise public awareness about FGM and other health issues affecting Somali immigrants and refugees. Fartun Weli, Executive Director of Isuroon says, “These grants fund community driven solutions, which is needed to address the healthcare disparity of the Somali and refugee community.”

Isuroon is a grassroots nonprofit organization working to promote the health, well-being and empowerment of Somali women in Minnesota and beyond. It provides culturally appropriate education, communication, and advocacy for Somali women and health care providers. Taking its name from a Somali word that means “woman who cares for herself,” Isuroon believes that empowering women is the key to building a thriving community.

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Isuroon Federal Grants Press Release

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