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The outreach to educate the community about cervical screening continued at the ‘Ole 4th Avenue South Day festival held in Green Central Park in Minneapolis on July 11, 2015. This was a health fair targeting men however it was all an event where all family members were welcome to connect with different community resources. It was a great opportunity for our organization to join this event and promote ISUROON services.

Having a cervical cancer easel display at our table attracted people to ask questions about it. We have heard statements such as “that doesn’t apply to me” from men. These specific statements gave me an opportunity to educate these men about the HPV virus and the role men play in the transmission of this virus and how it can affect them and their partners. We also reiterated the importance of encouraging their spouses, sisters and mothers to get regular cervical screening to prevent this type of cancer. This was a great event which gave us the opportunity to engage both men and women about cervical cancer prevention.

By Nasra Osman


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