ISUROON interns have identified Somali Malls in Minneapolis as a great place to conduct outreach for ISUROON programs. Karmel Mall located on Pillsbury and Lake Street Minneapolis is a well-known shopping center for Somalis that live in Minnesota and those that are visiting Minnesota. On June 29, 2015 we have taken our outreach efforts to this mall. This was an opportunity to talk to shop keepers and customers who were in the mall at that time. We have taken outreach materials translated to Somali for the cervical cancer project. We were able to talk to more than 20 women about the importance of getting cervical cancer screening and most of the women were very receptive of the message. One of the women met expressed views that death is an inevitable natural thing that could not be avoided, but we engaged her in a conversation to change this mindset by emphasizing the importance of self-care. We thought that this was a successful way to outreach to the Somali community and we will replicate it at different shopping centers.

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