On Saturday June 13th 2015, through the sponsorship of the Medica Foundation, Isuroon participated in the annual Somali Independence Day Celebration organized by Ka Joog. The event took place on Lake Street between Grand Ave. and Blaisdell. Two summer interns for Isuroon manned the table (Nasra Osman and Ali Lauer). Isuroon used this opportunity to talk with community members about the alarming low rate of cervical cancer screening in the Somali-American community, and the devastating impact this has on families. Although men cannot contract cervical cancer, they are nonetheless impacted through their wives, daughters, aunts, mothers, sisters, and friends. As one Somali mother pointed out to her young son, this disease impacts Somali men just as much as it impacts women, it is therefore crucial that everyone become educated about prevention methods. Over 75 people stopped by the Isuroon table and interacted with our volunteers. 18 people won prizes for participating in a health education game by correctly answering questions about cervical cancer. Isuroon was also promoting the new Bridge to Benefits program which works to connect families with available resources. Six families signed up to participate in this new program. Overall the event was a great success for the organization, and a lot of fun for Ali and Nasra. Look for Isuroon’s bright pink table at next year’s event!

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