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Isuroon’s education initiatives include parent advocacy, access to higher education, policy and systems change, and programs. For referrals and more information, contact Jeannette Lutter-Gardella, Director of Education Policy and Programs: or (612) 354-3983.

Parent advocacy

Isuroon supports parents to exercise their power as they advocate for their children, understand their rights, navigate special education needs, seek information on school disciplinary policies, and more.

We build relationships with students, parents, and staff at schools with substantial Somali populations, listening to their needs and learning how best to help improve education experiences for families and teachers.

Isuroon has partnered with:

  • Anne Sullivan School, Minneapolis
  • Highwood Hills Elementary, St. Paul
  • School District 191, Dakota County

Access to higher education

We help make the path from high school to college easier for students – especially first-generation college students. We assist students with scholarships, testing, transcripts, communicating with education institutions and more.

Policy and systems change

Minnesota’s achievement gap is the worst in the nation. We advance policies for racial equity in education, support and funding for emerging multilingual learners, and teachers that reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of their students.


Isuroon connects parents and students to key programs and resources including: Isuroon’s halal food shelf, mental health support, Legal Aid, and more. We also champion youth-led initiatives including Rajo Giving Foundation, which provides funding and support to youth leaders to advance community change projects.

Youth leaders Suad (left) and Muna (right) stand with former Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Alan Page, who is advancing a constitutional amendment to ensure quality education for all students – regardless of race or ethnicity.