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For Somali women and girls: Isuroon was founded to address the unmet health care needs of Somali women, because you deserve to be healthy and well. We are here to help you become an advocate for your own wellness.

Through group meetings and face-to-face counseling, conference calls and carefully designed teaching sessions, Isuroon offers education on health issues including:

  • Self-care and social connectedness
  • Healthy eating
  • Maternal Health
  • The impacts of female genital cutting/mutilation
  • Domestic and sexual violence
  • Sexual health and pregnancy prevention
  • Child Abuse
  • Understanding HIV/AID
  • Navigating Health Care system
  • Cervical Cancer awareness
  • Sexual health and pregnancy prevention
  • Mental health
  • Cancer prevention

To help you navigate a complex and unfamiliar system, we provide:

  • Trained health care navigators to personally assist you
  • Connections to trusted health care providers in Minnesota who treat Somali women with sensitivity and cultural competence

Call us to get help with your health: 612-886-2731

For health care providers: As trusted members of the Somali community, we are your key to decreasing health disparities for 70,000 Minnesotans; 54% of Somali households in the U.S. are woman-led.

Somali culture emphasizes different values about medicine, health, and illness than Western medical traditions. Isuroon has earned a trusted place in the community because of its cultural insight and collaborative approach.Through brief learning sessions and more in-depth presentations, we offer:

  • Language and cultural expertise to help providerscommunicate with patients in a culturally competent way, ultimately improving outcomes
  • Approaches to help change Somali women’s mindsets from curative to preventative
  • Access to our Somali-specific data to help guide patient and provider decision-making

Through community-based research programs, collaboration with research institutions, and constant deep dialog within the community, our knowledge and value is ever-increasing.

Call us for services: 612-886-2731