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Our Board & Leadership Team

Isuroon is dedicated to representing diverse work and life experiences in our team. Eighty percent of Isuroon’s staff and volunteers are Somali, including two organizers, one office assistant, the executive director, and two project outreach staff. Of our 9 board members, four are Somali and one is Rwandan. We represent a wide range of income levels, ages, and experiences.

Management and Development

Fartun Weli
Executive Director/Founder

Lydia Nelson
Operations Manager

Yassin Qanyare
Chief Operations Officer

Hodo Ali
Account Manager

Marjana Vrebac
Director of Development

Communications and Office Support

Abdirahman Ahmed
Communications Assistant

Khalid Mohamud
Community Liaison

Abdiyo Ibrahim
Community Liaison

Food Shelf Support

Leyla Ahmed
Food Shelf Coordinator

Asha Ahmed
Food Shelf Coordinator

Mental Health and Family Support Services

Nasra Suleiman, LSW
Social Services Coordinator

Hanan Adam, LGSW
Social Worker

Noah Rector
Mental Health Consultant


Jeannette Lutter-Gardella
Director of Educational Policies and Programs

Nasra Hasen
Community and School Liaison

Youth Development

Anita Campbell
Youth Program Coordinator

Muna Mohamed
Youth Program Coordinator

Refugee Savings Program

Ramla Elmi
Refugee Savings Program Coordinator

Refugee Savings Program

Sagal Awale
COVID-19 Housing Relief Specialist

Mohamed Hassen
COVID-19 Housing Relief Specialist

Yakub Issak
COVID-19 Housing Relief Specialist

Legal Aid Representative

Greger Calhan
Legal Aid


Saffron O’Brien
AmeriCorps Emergency Response Specialist

Molly Bane
VISTA Nonprofit Sustainability Specialist


Sadie Clarke
Social Work Intern

Muno Ashiro
Social Work Intern

Aarohi Shah
Social Media Intern

Eman Alfarhan
Social Work Intern

Tori Gorman
Social Work Intern

Fatha Ahmed
Social Work Intern

Seynab Miyer
Social Work Intern

Isuroon Board of Directors since May 28, 2019

Mary C. Turner Minnesota Nurses Association President Chair 2018
Huda Ahmed Grass Roots Solutions Vice Chair 2019
Idris Mohamed African Economic Development
Treasurer 2019
Fartun Weli, MPH, MAPP Isuroon
Executive Director & Founder
Ex officio 2008
Megan Cahill St. Catherine University Public
Health Graduate Student
Secretary 2019
Nimo Assad Community Member Board Member 2019
Faiso Rage Community Member Board Member 2019
Faduma Yusuf Community Member Board Member 2019
Khadijo Omar Community Member Board Member 2019
Nimo Afyare Young Women of Color Initiative Lead Board Member 2019
Yassin Qanyare N/A Board Member 2019