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Isuroon is dedicated to building Somali women and girls social connectedness and self-sufficiency so that they can lead healthier, more productive lives in Minnesota and globally.


Isuroon envisions a world where Somali women and girls are healthy, connected and empowered and their families are thriving in Minnesota and globally.
In our vision, Somali women, girls and their families are:

  • Developing a blueprint for exiting poverty and achieving a level of economic selfsufficiency,
  • Building cultural bridges,
  • Identifying and addressing cultural and systemic barriers, and
  • Securing increased access to preventative healthcare.


The following 6 core operating values influence Isuroon’s culture and public image as an effective community based entity serving Somali women:

  • Collaboration with each other, the Somali community, our donors, partners and policymakers.
  • Act with integrity, in the way we conduct ourselves and our business, as an organization.
  • Demonstrate good stewardship in protecting the community’s interests and priorities.
  • Build trust with each other, the Somali community and among the Somali women and girls we serve.
  • Advocacy for health, cultural, and systems literacy that respects the traditions, history and values of the Somali community.
  • Use leadership skills to mentor and share knowledge with the Somali community and others.