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Offline Learning at Home

I hope you, your family, your students and their families are healthy and finding moments of peace.

I know many of your are looking for ideas on how to support language learners who do not have access to technology at home. I wanted to share these two resources for you as possible ideas that you can adapt and modify for your context.

The first resource is from Colorín Colorado. This article offers lots of authentic ideas that are also culturally affirming to families.  Additionally, the resources linked in this article alone are golden!

ESL at Home: 8 Weeks, Tech Free

This source below was created by Maria Montroni-Currais. She created a list of engagement activities that do not require technology.  They have been translated into 27 languages by teachers on social media, and many of the languages are low-incidence languages.

If these activities do not work for you, you can still use this format to create a calendar of options for students based on your context.

Tech-free remote learning w/ Maria Montroni-Currais

I had the privilege of interviewing Maria on my podcast about your activity calendars.  She explains how students and families have responded to the activity calendar in addition to how you can get involved in provided other language translations. The podcast also has several other episodes related to school closures.

I wish you the best as we navigate these uncertain times!