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Refugee High School Youth Program

We have recently relocated our Refugee High school program to Faribault, Minnesota in an effort to meet the needs of the growing Somali refugee population of Faribault. Since COVID-19, the program has begun its transition to primarily remote while simultaneously offering satellite services and staff in Faribault. The goal of the program is to serve recent refugees in high school through mentoring, leadership, and mindfulness training. Our objective is to help high schoolers navigate post-graduation options and encourage mindfulness practices.

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Refugee Youth Program

This is a 3-year program that supports Somali and East African middle and high school refugee students in dealing with acculturation and stress by supporting them and helping them build resiliency and social and leadership skills. The objective of the program is prepare Somali youth for life after high school by building career and college-readiness skills.

Eligibilty: Refugee Middle and High School Students of Somali and/or East African descent

Cost: Free for students and schools

Due to pandemics, the current programming includes:

Mentorship for 30 refugee students

Mentorship is provided by the young Somali/East African college students and graduates. They meet with high school students over the video conferencing platforms. Using the evaluation forms, they jointly decide what a mentee needs (individualized plan). Mentors  help with academics, college admission, on line learning etc. Mentors and mentees meet once a week or as needed. Mentors undergo back ground checking.

Leadership Training

Leadership training will be provided to 15 students over the summer depending on the school start/end and students’ mobility and safety.  Training begins June 2020.


Mindfulness training is an important component for the healthy mental and emotional development of resettled youth.  This training will help 30 refugee youth cope with resettlement and adjustment through learning how use mindfulness practices.

Other Details

  • 10 hours of programming
  • Additional incentives available for those participating in evaluations
  • This program is funded by Office of Refugee Resettlement. Youth must be in the country less than 5 years and have a documented status of refugee. We need to have a verbal or written confirmation that the referred student is a refugee.

Current Youth Cohorts

  • Cohort 1: Faribault
  • Cohort 2: Ummutul Islam Center
  • Cohort 3: Soccer Team
  • Cohort 4: Heritage STEM Academy